Treasure Island Dizzy

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Original Release: 08/1988
Platforms: Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, CD32, NES, Spectrum
Publisher: Codemasters & Camerica
Programmers: Matt Gray, The Oliver Twins
Production: Mike Clark, Stewart Regan
Graphics: Neil Adamson
Musician: David Whittaker, Matt Gray

Avg. Score: 80%*


The first adventure game where we hear about the Yolkfolk, however they are not present in the game.

Dizzy's adventure begins outside a tree village on an abandoned island. Escaping the island is not as easy as it sounds, with lots of traps and hostile underwater creatures. There is also 30 gold coins hidden all over the island which Dizzy must find before he can leave.

The biggest cruelty of all in this game is that Dizzy has only 1 life which was a cheap and quick way to solve the problem with what would happen if Dizzy dropped his snorkel underwater. There's no margin for error.

The Crash cover version is a full version of the game using Crash logos to block your way and relocation of some items, however the cheat allows you to explore the remaining island past the logos.

Cover Features & Compilations

Crash: Issue 72, January 1990 Dizzy II Special Crash Edition
Cartoon Collection: Amiga, Atari
Dizzy Collection: Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, C64, Spectrum
Quattro Adventure: NES
Quattro Adventures Vol. II: Atari
Quattro Dizzy Adventures: Amstrad CPC
Super Adventure Quests: NES
The Big 6: Amiga CD32

*Based on retro magazines and various web sources.

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