Fantastic Dizzy
(The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy)

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Original Release: 04/1991
Platforms: Aladdin, Amiga, CD32, Game Gear, Genesis, NES, PC, Master System, Mega Drive
Publisher: Codemasters
Author: The Oliver Twins
Programmers: Ash Hogg, Derek Leigh-Gilchrist, Gabor Kuti, Gyorgy Szollosi, Peter Williamson, The Oliver Twins
Graphics: Joby Wood, Leigh Christian
Musician: Andras Magyari, Ash Hogg, Attila Dobos, Lyndon Sharp, Matt Gray, Matt Simmonds

Avg. Score: 80%*


The largest Dizzy adventure game ever, the game is divided into numerous maps and contains 5 different minigames either to get between areas or to gain extra lives.

Rather than losing lives instantly (except in certain situations) Dizzy loses health which can be replenished by eating fruit. Extra lives are earned by completing a slider puzzle within a time limit.

As well as rescuing Daisy, Dizzy must collect 250 stars (the early game versions only have 100 stars to collect.)

This is the first Dizzy adventure game that includes day and night and weather effects.

The Amiga Power cover version titled Christmas Dizzy consisted of just a small area under the treehouse village to explore.

For the NES there are a variety of cartridges. The first cartridge released in 1991 was the gold version and had a switch at the back to be used on both PAL and NTSC systems. It had a blue title picture, only 100 stars to collect, and ran much slower than the later versions. The inventory system was similar to the original Dizzy games which meant on picking up a new item with an empty inventory you'd have to cycle through the inventory to use it.

In 1992 the PlugThru was introduced to the European market along with a black cartridge version which had a few minor changes to it such as the pink/purple logo, faster speed, an increased number of stars to collect up to 250, and the inventory system was altered so if it was already empty you didn't have to cycle multiple times to use an item you just picked up. Another identical black cartridge version was released around the same time with multilingual options and a different title screen showing "Codemasters presents" instead of "Camerica presents".

Then in 1993 the game was released once again for the Aladdin Deck Enhancer.

Cover Features & Compilations

Amiga Power: Issue 33, January 1994 Christmas Dizzy
Fantastic Dizzy/Cosmic Spacehead Duo Cart: Mega Drive
The Big 6: CD32

*Based on retro magazines and various web sources.

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