Spellbound Dizzy

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Original Release: 11/1991
Platforms: Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, CD32, Spectrum
Publisher: Codemasters
Programmers: Big Red Software, Andy Torkington, Fred Williams
Production: Stewart Regan
Graphics: Peter Ranson
Musician: Allister Brimble

Avg. Score: 74%*


This is the first time we hear and meet of the good wizard Theodore and Pogie the fluffle. There are plenty of hazards and high platforms which can diminish your health bar (in the Commodore version you don't lose health from falling.)

What is most interesting about this game is that you don't immediately drown upon entering water, but if you don't reach the surface soon without any breathing apparatus your health bar will drop rapidly. There is also no score system.

The Commodore version is known to be a bit buggy. You can fall through clouds when trying to leap up from the cloud edge or leap up into a blank area and never recover, the windy shaft has trouble raising or lowering you, and if you get past the ore crusher you'll fall through several screens before landing inside a hidden sealed test room known as The 10th Room.

In the Dizzy's Excellent Adventures compilation for the C64 the game appeared as a lite version with only 25 explorable screens and a different game map. Water immediately kills you rather than reducing your health bar. This version is very buggy and shares many of the same issues as the full version, the counter for the stars is wrong, sometimes when using the trampette it resets your jump height, you can get more than 1 fluffle collar if you use the fishing net on Pogie, and you can complete the game by having found all 16 stars and not saving all the Yolkfolk. There's also a water tower which you can leap over and fall into debugging screens.

Cover Features & Compilations

Dizzy's Excellent Adventures: Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, C64, Spectrum
The Big 6: CD32

*Based on retro magazines and various web sources.

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