Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

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Original Release: 06/1987
Platforms: Amstrad, Commodore, Spectrum
Publisher: Codemasters
Programmers: Ian Gray, The Oliver Twins
Production: Mike Clark
Graphics: James Wilson
Musician: David Whittaker

Avg. Score: 69%*


The first ever Dizzy game heavily inspired by the poem The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God by J. Milton Hayes.

In this game Dizzy is only able to carry 1 item at a time.

The game was covered many times on gaming magazines both as special editions and complete games, and was only released for 8-bit systems. In the Crash Edition Dizzy only has 1 life whilst the Amstrad Action Special Edition offers unlimited lives.

Cover Features & Compilations

Amstrad Action: Issue 37, October 1988 Dizzy Special Edition
Amstrad Action: Issue 69, June 1991 Complete Game
Crash: Issue 65, June 1989 Dizzy - The Crash Edition
Crash: Issue 67, April 1991 Complete Game
Your Sinclair: Issue 52, April 1990 Complete Game
Cartoon Collection: Amstrad, Commodore, Spectrum
Quattro Adventure: Amstrad, Commodore, Spectrum
Quattro Dizzy Adventures: Amstrad CPC

*Based on retro magazines and various web sources.

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