Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk (HD)

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Original Release: 12/2011
Platforms: Android, iOS
Publisher: Codemasters
Author: DNA Interactive
Programmers: Paul Ranson
Graphics: Leigh Christian

Android | iOS

Avg. Score: 73%*


The HD remake, first designed for the iOS and later ported (after much demand) to the Android. This is the first and only official remake to the mobile and may be the only newest game we'll ever see.

Dizzy also has a new look, and the world is much more lush using more modern graphics and parallax scrolling. There are no lives so if you die you reappear back at a safe spot, there's hidden save points to return to later, and there's gold stars which adds 30 seconds to a timer for when you are eligible for a hint, once this reaches 0 you are ineligible for another hint for 5 minutes unless you find another star.

*Based on retro magazines and various web sources.

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